Maintaining good sleeping habits after retirement

Maintaining good sleeping habits after retirement

Most people after retirement face insomnia and sleeping problems. The reason lies in varied and unsystematic sleeping schedule. During working life, sleep schedule is more organized and consistent. The ringing of alarm prompts you to wake up and arrive on time for work. This routine mostly goes from Monday to Friday. Because of such planned routine, you have lesser chance of having insomnia or sleeping problems. However, retiree’s sleeping patterns alter when they get free from job and work. The sleeping cycle becomes un systematic. Now, they don’t have to worry about waking up early. The sleeping routine starts slacking. This not only causes insomnia but can also cause other health problems. As consistent sleep schedule is important for our health, therefore, retiree should try to maintain it even after retirement. Enroll now or get a comparison for 2020 advantage plans here

  1. Fixing wake up time

Once you are retired, your sleeping routine changes. You will be willing to stay in bed till mid-day, however, this needs to stop. You need fix your wake-up time. Don’t sleep till late as it will make you lazy and inactive throughout the day. Moreover, it will also disturb your night time. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep, that’s more than enough.

  • Staying active during daytime

When a person is free from the work, they tend to get lazy or inactive. They don’t do much during the day, slouching on one coach to another. This kind of routine is bad for health as well. Retirees should try getting up early. You should at least get 15-20 mins of sunlight. It is essential for your body. During day time, try do some activity to keep yourself active and fresh. Be it gardening, running some errands etc.

  • Limit napping

Try not to nap too much in afternoon as it will directly affect your night routine. Limit your nap time. Maybe an hour or so will be fine. The purpose of nap is to just relax in afternoon for a bit. Don’t nap for 3-4 hours as you won’t be able to sleep after that.

  • Avoiding laziness

This is an important factor towards maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. If a person gets rid of laziness, they can make the most of their day. Try doing some activities to freshen up your mind. It will make you feel fresh and you won’t be drooping here or there. Retiree should try avoiding slouching on couches or bed as it will make them lazier.

  • Limit late-night social activities

Retirement is a period when one can gets free from work and job stress. This time usually calls for celebration and enjoyment. However, some retirees celebrate by having late night social activities and drinking. This is also major cause in altering your sleeping pattern. Although occasional social activities are fine but not every day. To maintain good sleeping routine, retiree should limit their late-night activities.